Area Valve Service Unit

Area service - Zone valves unit (kIb GS N)

The ASVU are fitted to all medical gas and vacuum services in a prominent and accessible position at the entry to wards, theatres, intensive care, recovery rooms, etc. The ASVU panel is conforming to EN ISO 7396-1, HTM 02-01 standards and contains in metal box shut-off valves, pressure gauges, gas-specific connectors and low-high pressure switches.


The ball valves GS CIM312 are certified in accordance with the European standard EN 331:1998. They are approved in accordance with the European standard for gas appliances (90/396/EEC). Manufactured in accordance with EN 29000 -ISO 9000 are suitable for gas at low pressure. Available in the following sizes: 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm 42mm, 54mm and 76mm and 108mm sizes.


The 2nd stage pressure regulator unit are equiped with line pressure regulators of 24m3/1, 75m3/h and 180m3/h.