Copper Pipes

Copper Pipes And Parts

G. Samaras S.A. can offer all necessary medical gas network parts. Copper pipes are in accordance with the EN13348 standard and with DIN 1786 and DIN 17671, type R290 (SF Cu / F37), arsenic free, oil free, protected to their ends, characterized according to the regulations for use in medical gases installations using silver welding of 40% content in silver, in neutral gas (N2) environment. The pipe flections are permitted up to diameter of 18mm according to the standard EN13348 and regulations DIN 1786 by using a special tool.
The copper fittings are oil free, suitable for medical gases installations and according to DIN 2856 and ISO 2016.
The characterization of networks becomes with special self-adhesive stripes of various colors and signs that are indicated by ISO 7396-1 (replacing EN 737-3) standard.