Medical Air Compressor Systems

Medical Air Compressor Systems (MACS series)

A vacuum central station consists of one, two, three or four vacuum pumps. The vacuum system is desAir compressor systemwith three or more compressors, two or more reservoirs, one duplex conditioning system (absorption dryers, pre-filters, activated charcoal filters, particle filters and dew point alarm), emergency inlet point and electronic control panel is according to EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01. A wide range of capacities from 10m3/h to 1.000m3/h are available to satisfy any request.

The fully automatic medical compressed air plant provides a reliable and constant air supply, in predefined pressure level, without the transport and management cost associated with heavy gas cylinders. The plant is designed to operate at a maximum of 10bar.
A wide range of models are available to satisfy all types of installations.

MACS series 3*V+ Vs

  • V: Volume of source (m3/h)
  • Vs: Total volume of vessels (lt)
  • C: Compact Form
  • D: Descrete Form

Automatic control- monitor Unit

The automatic control-monitor unit monitors continuously the medical air net pressure via the electronic pressure transducer and regulates the network pressure via controlling the operation (remote start and stop) of the compressors (individually controlled). In every demand, as long as the vessel buffer is exhausted, the first compressor is automatically started and works until the predetermined pressure level is achieved. In case of larger demand that the one compressor cannot meet, then a second or a third compressor automatically starts working until the predetermined pressure level for each compressor has been achieved. The operation and rotation mode in every operation cycle is defined by the automatic control-monitor unit. The rotation mode is depending on the operation hours of every compressor, in order to have comparable wear for all the compressors. In every operation cycle, the compressorign to operate according to ISO 7396-1, BS HTM 2022, BS HTM 02-01 standards. holds the minimum operation hour start working. Also there is an option, by activating a parameter on the automatic control unit, according to which if the compressor working cannot reach the predefined pressure level, then a second or a third compressor automatically starts working and so on. The automatic control unit can be connected to hospital’s local area network providing remote monitoring and setting through TCP/IP protocol using an internet browser.