Medical Gas Pipe Line

Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System

Anesthesia Gas Scavenging system were introduced to enhance the safety of the environment in which members of staff in close proximity with waste anaesthetic gases and vapors (agents) work.
A number of studies carried out both in the UK and in the U.S have shown that repeated exposure to small quantities of anaesthetic gases can adversely affect health.
few primary causes for concern from the studies:

  • Reduced fertility levels in females
  • Increased risk of spontaneous abortion
  • Increased Risk of cancer in females
  • Adverse effect on Lever and Kidneys

We bring to you Imported Duplex AGSS system from Bigiesse Italy.Anaesthetic gas scavenging system consisting of 2 sidechannel blowers, protection covercasing, electrical and controlpanel, remote start / stop /alarmspanel, safety suction filter anddepression control valve.
The blowers are equipped with: Vibration absorbing feet, non-return valve.

Three type of anaesthetic gas scavenging system are available:

Venturi type apparatus

Flow rate 60lpm. Air pressure supply 6÷8bar.

Autonomous scavenging outlet

Air pressure supply 6÷8bar.

Central scavenging system with two blowers

The AGSS central system is manufactured according to the regulations of EN ISO 7396-2 (replacing EN 737-2) and includes:
  • two vacuum blowers for continuous operation
  • one electric operation panel
  • automatic valve for maintaining constant depression in the network (no matter the number of the AGSS outlets that operate)
  • pump protection filter
  • sensors for distant control of AGSS system operation.
  • remote alarm panel for monitoring system’s operation signals by distance. The AGSS central station is activated by remote switch placed on the alarm panel, which is usually placed inside or near the surgery rooms or in each surgery room.

All Systems according to EN ISO 7396-2, ISO 9170-2

Flow Capacity of Blowers

  • 30m3/h
  • 75m3/h
  • 140m3/h
  • 300m3/h