Celling Pendents Arms


Ceiling pendant systems are supplied by Unissi for modular operation theatres. There are a wide range of arm lengths, load capacities and head sizes, which can be supplied in any combination to suit your particular requirements.
Multi-movement arms allow the pendant heads to be lifted out of the way during procedures or for cleaning, and articulated arms allow the heads to be swopped over so that wet and dry sides may be exchanged in seconds. Pendant arms are equipped with pneumatic brakes, which prevent inadvertent movement of the arms during use. The unsurpassed quality of the bearings allows smooth operation for the life of the product without any maintenance necessary.

We also supply motorized pendants with electromagnetic / pneumatic breaks European make with different load capacities, arm sizes, head sizes.
Our range of pendants is extensive to suit all needs. Our company has a vast experience in this domain and its key features are:

  • Long Working
  • Superior Quality
  • Elegant Design
Indian Unissi India Pvt Ltd.
Imported European make


In the head of me pendant and in separate compartments, are installed the terminal units of medical gases with the corresponding manometers, the electric sockets and EQ whde around the table exists a special stainless rail Of dimensions 25x10 mm, for the suspension of various medical appliances and tools. For all units are offered tailor made solutions with the necessary facdities_ The pendant can include different elements (in number and type) from mentioned before depending on the demand.