Medical Vaccum System

Medical Vacuum Systems (MVCS series)

A vacuum central station consists of one, two, three or four vacuum pumps. The vacuum system is design to operate according to ISO 7396-1, BS HTM 2022, BS HTM 02-01 standards.


  • One, two or three blade type rotary vaccum pumps with inlet filter, air cooling, internal oil circulation, oil mist eliminator for oil-free exhaust air.Suction capacities from 12m3/h to 600m3/h
  • Vacuum tank, capacity according with pumps load.
  • Electronic ocritrol panel for controlling the operation of the pumps
  • Electrical panel for driving the pumps
  • Vaccum sensors transducer 4-20mA and digital sensor (optional) for operation.
  • Vacuum gauges 0-760 mm Hg.
  • Anti-bacterial filters 99,999% efficient according BS 3928, with differential
pressure indicator and sterilisable drain flask.
  • Sectioning valves
  • Distance alarm

Vacuum Pumps

The duty Vacuum pump is rated at 100% of the installation design flow rate and a standby pump capable of automatic operation is fitted (if needed). The vacuum plant is designed to enable isolation of any one component without interrupting system operation.