About Us

As a part of re-inventing ourselves we introduced Health Engineering services specially MOTs, which was a new concept in India during that period.

About Unissi

UNISSI India Pvt Ltd started in 1986 with the mission of helping healthcare professionals perform their jobs more efficiently while enhancing patient care. Our mission was to provide the latest innovations in medical health care from around the world.


“Our objective is superseding out customer expectations and we always thrive to achieve it”

Unissi provides services all over the country and abroad. Our experienced team travels from Kashmir in north India to Assam in East India to down south & western India, we cover all India for Installation & Commissioning and also provide AMC / CAMC services.

Providing the best possible medical solutions

The efficiency of the medical professionals in India during the early 1980’s was not at par with that of developed world due to non-availability of high tech diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. The conditions were further bleak in remotely located hospitals. With this vision of “providing the best possible medical solutions at affordable prices for “bettering lives” we started a company initially known as United Surgical & Scientific Industries. During 1986,United Surgical and Scientific Industries was converted into Pvt. Ltd. company under name & style of UNISSI (INDIA) PVT.LTD. as per company Act,1956 applicable in India.


We introduced High Tech Equipments related to, Patient Monitoring specially Anesthesia Depth Monitoring Equipments& Oxygen Generators for hospital and single patient use. We were also in the field of medical disposable products. Some of our introductions of that period are still being appreciated by the medical Professionals.

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